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Every website has a story, our story is Ballet Dance World. This space is a great opportunity to share our love of ballet dance education.  We are dedicated to providing ballet dance to the online community. 

Ballet Dance World created by Joni Dougherty and Jacklyn Dougherty

Joni Dougherty is currently finishing her Ph.D in Education (2022).  She earned a Master Degree from University of Central Florida.

Jacklyn Dougherty is currently working towards a Bachelor's Degree in Music Piano (2024).

Our goal:

* Online education visual video for every ballet term. 

* illustrated photo for each ballet terminology position pose.

* Resources for ballet dance information posting articles.

Currently we have 61 visual ballet terms videos and 89 illustrated ballet terminology poses photograph.  Creating and sharing our personal ballet dance time capsule.

Thank you for visiting Ballet Dance World.  We update often, so please check back.

Much Love,

Jacklyn Dougherty


Joni Dougherty




View ballet terms visual videos free by signing up.  Currently we have 61 visual ballet term videos.  We are updating check back often.  Our goal is to have a visual video for every ballet term.  Sign up for free, click Ballet Glossary link below.

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